Understanding the Law on Protecting the Welfare of Women

Violence involves physical force that may hurt, damage, or kill someone. Given this point, no one should allow this to happen to anybody. Meanwhile, some laws are bound to protect people against violence. It can happen to anyone, including you. For this reason, it is best to understand the context of this law against violence.

Knowing about certain laws is better than nothing. Besides, it is for your welfare. You have to know your rights, especially if you are the victim. In this case, this article will discuss the laws protecting women against violence. It is a sad reality to think that women are weak, making them and their children suffer violence.

What Does the Law on Violence Against Women Involves?

It is good news to have a law to protect you against violence. Law can help you achieve justice and freedom from this situation. Meanwhile, you will further understand what this law on violence against women involves. In effect, you can see how beneficial it is to have this law.

Meanwhile, any type of violence is illegal. That only means no one has the right to hurt or cause damage to anyone. Given this point, if a woman undergoes such a situation, there is a law that can protect her from it. Aside from protection, this law allows her to continue with her life despite what happened.

This law provides support to women and families who are victims of violence. Each community varies in the law about violence. In this case, it is best to work with an experienced domestic assault lawyer to help you understand the law better. Aside from that, this lawyer can assist you with the actions you must do for the situation.

Furthermore, there are various kinds of violence a woman can experience. That includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Domestic. It involves the intimate partner of the woman, which comes in different forms as well, such as physical, emotional, and many more.
  • Femicide. It involves killing women by intention for the reason that they are women.
  • Sexual. This violence is an act that occurs against the will of another person.
  • Online. The modern age has given birth to online violence, including cyberbullying, doxing, or non-consensual sexting.

Other kinds of violence can happen, and it is best to know how to protect yourself against them. One way is learning about this law and knowing what to do if you are in that situation. Meanwhile, violence can affect a woman for a long time.

woman suffering from effect of violence

Effects of Violence on Women

Every woman may differ in how they will take the effects of violence on themselves. In this case, here are some of how violence can impact a woman’s condition:

  1. Women who experienced violence are likely to have a higher risk of injuries. These injuries may cause someone’s death in the end.
  2. They can also suffer from adverse sexual and reproductive health issues. That may include unintended pregnancy, STD, or HIV transmission.
  3. Victims of violence can also experience long-term mental health consequences. In this case, women can suffer from depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. All of these may lead to suicidal attempts.
  4. Victims tend to shut doors and isolate themselves from other people.

Meanwhile, everyone can prevent this situation. There are ways for people to end violence. For this reason, it is time to take action and make a difference. Here are a few ways to end violence and be free from it:

  • Listen to and believe the survivors of violence. It took them a while to gain the courage to speak about their experience. For this reason, they deserve everyone’s listening ears and acceptance.
  • Let your voice be heard so that the next generation knows what to do if they experience this situation. It is best to shape their way of thinking about gender, respect, and human rights.
  • Aside from that, seek help from groups that know how to handle violence.
  • Moreover, people have to know the essence of consent. There should be no blurred lines about it. In this case, everything should happen from a person’s free will and not by force.
  • Other people can help victims of violence if they know how to identify signs of abuse. Learning them can let you help find the safety and support they need.
  • Hold each other accountable. Speak up if someone’s already crossing the line. This way, you can help create a safe environment for everyone.

In general, everyone can help fight against violence. It is best to understand the issue and do something to end it. Otherwise, more and more people will experience it. Aside from that, they can suffer from its long-term consequences.

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