Laws and Lawyers: The Significance of Their Purpose

When most people are asked about the law, they say a thing or two about it. But some are afraid to even say a word. This is a problem that’s been going around for a long time. A lot of people are afraid of or not interested in legal matters. This is now dubbed as political ignorance.

It’s a shame to know that most people do not know about laws and legal matters. They should know that these are some of the most important matters that they should be aware of. Being politically aware is a big advantage that someone could have.

Political Ignorance in the World

Political ignorance has been a problem for a long time now. One significant event was in Decembee 2003, when President George W. Bush enacted one of the largest government programs in the last forty years. That program was the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. It was a great program with great benefits.

But according to a study, seventy percent of the public were not aware of this plan. This is one example of a lack of political engagement. People are not forced to know the deep meaning of these political matters. The government is only hoping that the people would at least be aware of these kinds of social plans.

Taking Advantage of Political Ignorance

This may also translate to political ignorance but from a different perspective. Most people are taking advantage of not being aware of the law to escape trials and such. But there is no exemption for those who are ignorant of the law.

There is a law called ‘Ignorantia juris non excusat’ or ‘Ignorantia legis neminem excusat’, which means that being unaware of the law is not a defense against those who have violated it.

Other people are distancing themselves from legal matters for one reason: they do not understand the terms fully. The definition of law subjects can be hard to understand. But there are simpler ways to understand the terms of the law and which lawyer is suited for a particular field.

1. Family Law

This law refers to family matters such as divorce, child support, prenuptial agreements, and wills. It can also apply to monitoring mediation sessions, handling family estates, and offering legal advice. A family lawyer is suited for this field. Their responsibility is to help families with everything they need regarding legal matters.

2. Personal Injury Law

If you ever have personal injury, a personal injury lawyer can help you. Personal injury law or tort law is created to protect you or your property in case an accident happens. But this can only apply if that accident was caused by someone else. The personal injury lawyer can help you sort legal matters between you and the person that caused your accident.

These accidents not only include car accidents; they also include others such as falling accidents or if you get bitten by someone else’s dog. Taking care of accidents caused by someone else can be a burden. Personal injury lawyers can help you in this case.

3. Corporate Law


This law is commonly used in the business industry. This involves corporate matters such as declaring the rights and liabilities of shareholders or making sure that business transactions done in the corporation are legal and fair.

For example, a company is making a deal or a collaboration with another company. The role of a corporate lawyer is to ensure that the provisions of the agreement between the two parties are clear and concise. They need to make sure that this agreement will not cause problems for their clients.

4. Employment Law

This is essential, especially for those who are under an employer-employee contract. This law refers to the legal relationship of an employer with an employee. The role of the employment lawyer here is to guarantee the right hiring process. They also manage and oversee the contract that will be signed by the employee to assure that the terms and conditions are fair.

In cases when there are disputes between the employer and the employee, the employment lawyer will step in. And in cases of contract termination, the employment lawyer will handle that, too. Knowing about employment law is important to protect workers from unlawful acts of their employers.

5. Property Law

This law is common among families that have problems splitting their properties. This law refers to the legal ownership of land or property. A lot of families have problems with how they can split a property among themselves. This kind of situation usually happens to a family inheritance that hasn’t been properly divided.

Problems like this will arise if a family does not have a family lawyer. There is no one to make sure that a will is written before the owner of the property passes on.

A real estate lawyer can handle this kind of situation. They will separate the land or property with thorough discussions and agreements from all members of the family.

It is important to know how laws work and how lawyers can help you when you have legal problems. This way, you’ll feel secure in your own community.

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